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EJMSS is committed to applying a set of principles that guide the conduct of research and publishing, including honesty, transparency, objectivity, confidentiality, and responsible authorship. This includes ensuring that research is conducted in an ethical manner, avoiding plagiarism and duplication of content, accurately reporting results and methods, disclosing any conflicts of interest, and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of research participants.

The EJMSS publication ethics is to maintain the integrity and credibility of scientific research and preventing publication malpractice is critical for ensuring the trustworthiness of the scientific enterprise.

Publisher’s Responsibility

The FASE | EJMSS follows the following responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring the quality of published research: to ensure that the published research meets high standards of quality and scientific rigor. This includes having a robust peer review process conducted in an ethical manner and checking for plagiarism and other forms of misconduct.
  2. Protecting the integrity of the publishing process: committed to taking steps to prevent publication malpractice, such as ensuring the confidentiality of peer review and editorial decision-making, disclosing conflicts of interest, and investigating suspected cases of misconduct.
  3. Maintaining direct access and availability of research: the research is widely accessible, either through unrestricted access publishing models or through library subscriptions.
  4. Promoting ethical conduct in publishing: promote ethical guidelines for authors, editors, and reviewers, and provide training and support to help ensure that these guidelines are followed.
  5. Providing transparency and accountability: transparency and policies, procedures, and financial relationships, and being accountable for their decisions and actions.

Editor’s Responsibilities:

Editors are responsible for overseeing the peer review process for submitted manuscripts and ensuring that the process is conducted efficiently, fairly, and in a prompt manner.

One of the first steps in this process is acknowledging receipt of the manuscript and providing the author with an estimated timeline for the review process.

The editors are responsible for selecting qualified reviewers to assess the manuscript and ensuring that the review process is conducted in an objective and unbiased manner, with providing guidance on the scope and focus of the review.

After the review process is complete, the editor is responsible for making a decision on whether to accept, reject or request revisions to the manuscript.

Reviewer’s Responsibilities

The assigned reviewer to his/her relevant expertise and the reviewer does not feel qualified to review a particular manuscript or cannot complete the review within the specified timeframe, it is essential to notify the editor as soon as possible so that appropriate arrangements can be made. This ensures that the review process proceeds fairly and efficiently and that the manuscript receives the appropriate level of scrutiny from experts in the field.

Author’s Responsibilities

The key aspect of he/she responsibility of the authors have to ensure that their submissions are original and adhere to ethical guidelines, and they should carefully consider the publication requirements and policies before submitting their work. The author should not submit concurrent manuscripts (or manuscripts describing the same subject matter) to multiple journals.

Submitting work that is not original, such as plagiarism or self-plagiarism, is considered unethical and can lead to profound consequences, including retraction of the article, damage to the author’s reputation, and potential legal action.

To avoid these issues, authors should carefully review their work for any potential instances of plagiarism or self-plagiarism, ensure that all sources are properly cited, and disclose any prior publication or overlapping content.

Repository Policy

Eurasian Journal of Management & Social Sciences (EJMSS) allow the authors to deposit their research articles in institutional or other repositories to provide greater visibility and accessibility to published work, which can lead to increased citation rates and greater impact.

The repository policy of EJMSS is as follows by article version:

  1. Open Access
  2. Submission Date | Revised Date | Published Date
  3. Authors Copyright
  4. Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 2.0 Generic Licence (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The original manuscript reposits current/archives on the journal website

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